Hokkaido – the most northern of Japan’s four main islands is world-renowned for its powder snow. Come spring, as the snow gives way to vibrant green landscapes and vast river systems, it becomes a premier golf destination further enhanced by its mild climates through the summer months.

Located on the western side of Central Hokkaido, Sapporo (the capital city and 4th largest city in Japan by population) expands over 1,000 square kilometres. 110 kilometres south-west of Sapporo is the rural Niseko region including Rusutsu – dominated by the twin peaks of 1898-metre Mt Yotei and 1308-metre Mt An’nupuri.

Also known as Ezo Fuji (Hokkaido’s Mt Fuji) because of its resemblance to famous Mt Fuji on the island of Honshu, Mt Yotei regularly comes into captivating view on the participating courses in the region.